Ombre Black and Silver

Ombre E-Guards By Edea Black and Silver


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Ombre E-Guards By Edea Black and Silver Inc FREE POST

Ombre is Italian for shadows. With these E- Guards you certainly will not be in the shadows wearing these around any Ice skating rink.

Off-ice is about to change dramatically with these brilliant new guards

This new generation protection for your blades completely changes your life at the rink! Inspired by nature, the E-Guards have to been completely rethought for better drainage and protection and it is so easy and quick to use.

It’s one piece, no fiddling, no parts, no assembly required! It stretches to fit most of the sizes.
It fits free-style blade sizes 8 ¾ to 10 ¼ (although some skaters use it also on blade size 10 ½). For dance blades, the product covers blade sizes 9 ¼ to 11.

The unique vertebrae profile supports blade hollow and protect edges.

The superior drainage means drier blades and less rust.

The wider rubberized grip and semi-mat finish make walking easier with less slipping.

The rubberized sole is softer and quieter. No more click-clack.

It’s designed to fits all blades types!




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