Amour Ice Adult Headband Black One Size

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Amour Ice Adult Headband Black One Size

Material: 100% polyester French terry Headband.
• Lightweight stretch fabric.
• Tapered design for comfort.
• One size Adult

This is a ONE SIZE ADULT headband and cannot be adjusted. If you like it and it is slightly too big we have found by putting a couple of black cotton stiches in the back of the headband helps for a great fit.

This Headband is NOT THERMAL it is for cosmetic wearing to give a great look keeping your hair tidy. Can be worn  on and off the ice while training.

“Amour Ice aims to make ice skating more affordable to enable everyone to enjoy their passion”
Because that is our aim we believe you should be paying for the garment quality not the label. We know there are “Designer Brands” on the Market but ice skating can be a very expensive sport to participant in so that is why Amour Ice would like to offer an alternative. We wish to supply a Great Performance Product at prices that we feel are fair making Ice skating clothing more affordable. If we achieve our aim this may give you more disposable income to spend on lessons or coaching to enable you to reach your goals.
Happy Skating
Peter # AmourIce


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